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With the next question we would like to test your knowledge on cyber security concepts. Please select the ones you find yourself familiar with.

Which of the following terms are you familiar with? *

Please only tick the ones which you definitely know something about.

The next few questions are about your experience with online fraud or corruption.

Have you ever been the victim of cyber crime? *

For example the victim of ransomware, viruses, fraud or theft.
What kind of cyber crime? *

Have you ever taken countermeasures to protect yourself againts cyber crime? *

What kind of countermeasures did you take? *

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Optional: Any countermeasures you would like to make in the future?

Please elaborate on how you would like to protect yourself (and your household) to online threats.
You may be wondering why we ask all these questions, well, let's find out...

HOLMES is a research project where we want to develop a smart and secure router for your home. A single gateway to protect all your connected devices in your home. Yes, even your refrigerator.

In our opinion you should be central in managing the security of your connected devices. That's why HOLMES would like to inform you about the security of your network through an app to actively involve you. Like shown below.

Now we would like to know what you think about this idea.

How important is it to you to have proper insight in the security status of your home network and devices. *

To what extent do you want to manage cyber risk within your home? *

Do you want to receive push-notifications on your phone about possible threats on your network? *

Just in general, not considering how many notifications you will receive or the content of them.
On what kind of topics do you want to receive push-notifications? *

What kind of functionality would you like to see in the app? *

Take your time to review the options.

How much more would you want to pay for a router with the aforementioned security features and the app, compared to a standard router? *

Note that a standard router costs about 150 euros.

If you could get a monthly subscription to keep your router up-to-date and to use the functionalities of the app. How much are you willing to pay on a monthly basis? *

In euros per month.
Do you think your Internet Service Provider should provide you a router that has these kind of cyber security features to protect your home againts cyber crime? *

You made it! A big thank you from the HOLMES team. Feel free to share this survey in whatever way you feel comfortable with.
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